Tuesday Night at The Poet's Passage

Magic happens every Tuesday night in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico at The Poet's Passage. The connection between pen and paper become limitless. It was no different on Tuesday July 18th. I hadn't step foot in The Poet's Passage in almost two years. Lady Lee Andrews, the owner of this amazing space, was the host for the evening. I entered quietly and sat down in the front row. She looked up at me and smiled with heart. To be remembered is a wonderful thing. I began writing about Tito, who literally whistles like one plays the harmonica. It's a sweet balance between inhale and exhale. That creative flow continued after each poet and musician I heard. Some poems and songs were in Spanish but the emotions were felt and translated on paper. I've been to many poetry sets. This was a 1st and I hope it continues.  Enjoy!

Sol en Puerto Rico is filled with poetry inspired by the birthplace of my soul. Order your copy today. 

Keep Blooming!

Tiffany Bloom

Train Your Brain

train your brain

1. Are you in the Hamster Wheel going no where or Problem Solving? If you are stuck in the same rut or experiencing and obstacle, ask yourself " Am I focused on the obstacle or the solution?" Go back to the plan or create a new plan to problem solve. 

2. Have a Self to Self Conversation - I describe life coaching sessions as a series of questions that you've probably asked yourself a million times and now it's time to answer them to move forward. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend. I can. I am. Affirmations. Talk yourself through to success. 

3. Name Your Emotions - Express yourself in the beautiful and difficult moments. If you are not fine, deal with that. If you are happy, rejoice in that.  You don't to let the world know but you also don't need to contain your emotions. It's healthier to let it out,publicly or privately. 

4. Weigh Your Options - Consider what is best for you with rational thinking. People do not make the best decisions when their emotions are running high. Create a list of pros and cons, read it over, then make a rational decision. 

5. Gratitude - Gratitude is a common theme in each blog post and Real Milwaukee segment. It's link to happiness. Studies show people who express gratitude are 25% more happier. Write it down. Post about it. Speak it out loud. Just take a moment daily to acknowledge the goodness in your life. 

Practice these tips and let me now how it's worked for you in the comments section below. 

Keep Blooming!

Tiffany ~ The Creative Coach

Removing Fear to Move Forward

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear” Buddha

“The secret of life is to have no fear.” Fela Kuti

“The secret of life is to have no fear; it’s the only way to function.” Stokely Carmichael

I became a homeowner in January. It’s really the result of finding meaning in “How did I get here?” or the cliche phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” I really had to work with myself to remove fear.

Freak Out: It Happens

In January 2016, I got a letter from the City of Milwaukee stating that the house I was renting was going into foreclosure and they were taking it over. I immediately freaked out and said “Not again.” I’d only been living there for 6 months because the place I previously rented went into foreclosure too. I didn’t want to move again. My son didn’t want to move again. I was angry but determined to win.

Say What: Change Up

We allow negative talk or our fears to creep in and block us from moving forward.  A couple of my friends mentioned that I should buy the house. I came up with a list of “why not” reasons one of them being I didn’t want to own a home on my own. It’s a huge responsibility. For years I said, “I don’t want to own a home until I’m married.” How many times have we said, “I don’t want to x until y happens.”

Make A Decision

Every decision you make should be intentional. So I wrote down what I wanted in a home. I spent hours looking at places to rent but nothing was quite like my home. The Universe said, “There’s no place like the home you are already in.” I took a homeowner’s class that February. I began preparing myself for the possibility.

Take Action

If you have a vision and fear is getting in the way, take action. The city came to do an inspection of my house, offered a lease, and asked me if I would be interested in buying my house. They connected me to ACTS Housing. One conversation with Coretta Herring from ACTS Housing turned my fear into real possibility. I took action. I turned my homeowner’s application to ACTS Housing on April 27th, 2016 which coincidentally is the same day I was accepted into Aveda’s Massage Therapy program. I took a closer look at my credit and paid off my debt.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield

Our decisions to remove fear to move forward is a big deal but it’s one of the healthiest choices you can make for yourself. What people don’t tell you is that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed in the process. Reference your plan and take more action. It’s absolutely worth it.  I’m making expensive decisions to repair the house, choosing contractors, and paint colors. I know I’m not alone in this. My family and friends are supportive and I’ll be hosting a paint party soon.  I walked into more than I could’ve imagined because I conquered my fears to move forward. I now have twice the space to live out my vision to Live In Bloom.

See this topic live on Real Milwaukee: http://fox6now.com/2017/04/10/overcome-your-fears-and-get-what-you-want-in-life-but-how-expert-weighs-in/

Tiffany Miller ~ Creative Live Coach

Bloom Into 2017

Have you set your New Year's resolution yet? Don't because most people fail to stick to it. Create a vision board instead but with a twist. 

The new year is an excellent time to start something new, improve your focus and really get serious about your goals. A lot of people spend the new year creating vision boards but I really want you to create something more than a bunch of magazine pictures glued onto poster board. Your vision should be organized in a way that will help you create actionable goals.

1. Visualize It - Get focused on what you want in 2017. What does it look, taste and feel like?

2. Write It - When you think of your vision, what words stand out to you? Driven. Creative. Bloom. Live. Love. Fierce. 

3. Create It - You really want your goals to flow. so if you have specific career, family, travel and health goals, Your vision board should reflect that.   I tweaked a Feng Shui guide I discovered a few years ago so each specific area has its place. 

4. Goal It - How your vision happens in the goals you set. You want to set SMART Goals. Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Radical and Realistic - Timebound and go for it. 

5. Live It - 2017 is the year of Fruition so Live Your Vision, Walk in Your Purpose and Bloom

Remember, your vision is fluid. Feel free to add to it at any time. You can also create a vision journal to chronicle your accomplished goals or establish a dedicated place to goal set. If you are ready to move forward, consider investing in a Life Coach to get you moving forward.

If you'd like some tools to get you started or if you want to attend a Bloom Into You Vision Board this Saturday visit www.liveinbloom.com. There is a special offer of $5.00 off Bloom Into You: The Ultimate Vision Board Party with Life Coach Tiffany Miller. Lunch is included for $25. Register by Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Cheers to Blooming in 2017!

Special Note: If you'd like your New Year to smell like lavendar, purchase a Mini Mandela Satchet from The Zen Dragonfly today. 

Gratitude In Bloom 365

Gratitude is "the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." Transform your year by expressing your gratitude. I recently picked up a 2017 planner for under $7 from Ross that says "GOOD VIBES ONLY" on the cover. I love journals so using this as my gratitude journal is easy. If you'd like something more visible or if you want to get the family involved, create a gratitude jar. All you need is a large clear jar, small strips of paper and a pen.