Feeling Frazzled - 7 Tips to Keep Calm in Chaos

"Life is busy - extremely busy. We prioritize what we need to do and what we love to do. Oftentimes, they are not the same task. We are pulled in multiple directions. I'm a mom, a teacher, a massage therapy student, businesswoman, I mean my head should pop off at any minute but this is all purposed. I can be calm in what looks like chaos. How can you do this?

1. Mental Vacation - I check into the Poet's Passage in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico frequently. The beach waves, bikinis, umbrella beverages, and warm weather. Take the next step and book a mini-getaway or save for that vacation of your dreams. 

2. Prioritize - to avoid burnout. what absolutely needs to get done today. Focus on it. Knock it out and move forward. If you get stuck, set it aside and move on to the next thing.  And if you can leave work at work so you can enjoy home. It's easier said than done for some but create a no work space or time in your home life. Family, self - these are priorities too. 

3. Nervous? Get Excited. - big presentation, open mic feature, launching something new, appearing on Live TV for the first time ever in life - get excited. I have an aunt who teaches theater art in Cali, She says "Nerves are vibrations from the Universe confirming that this moment is yours." That small shift in thinking can be life changing. 

4. Take 3 - Stop for a moment and breathe. Take 3 deep breaths. You can also meditate. There's an app for that. Videos too. Meditation can be as long as you need it to be. 5 min. 20, an hour. It's up to you.

5. Adult Nap Time - Its a thing. Its Naptastic and you should try to fit it in to your day. Caffeine may also work in your favor or opt for energizing foods like avocados, green leafy vegetables, nuts and water, yes water. 

6. Let's Get Physical - Move your body. Exercise when well rested and rest when your not. Don't have a gym membership, get to know your neighborhood by walking or YouTube an exercise video. 

7. Lastly, Enjoy the Moment. Life is always blooming forward whether we are ready for it or not. so enjoy the moment. connect with friends live and in-person. Disconnect form your phone. Enjoy yourself and the people you love. 

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