The Art of Adulting or Redefining Balance

There is one absolute in life - time is constantly blooming or moving forward. So many of us that are out here adulting are looking for balance but never find it. What if I told you that balance doesn’t really exist unless you are a scale and even that’s not perfect. We don’t split our life down the middle evenly with 50% work and 50% life.

For example, my full time life includes being a mama, teacher, business owner and creative. My part-time life includes massage therapy school. I’d drive myself crazy trying to achieve the perfect work life balance.

So what are we really looking for? More time. More time to be. More time to relax. More time to check things off the list. More time to enjoy home. The holidays are coming up so we are definitely looking for more time to enjoy our families and school breaks.

Balance or adulting  is about prioritizing what’s really important to enjoy what you love. Hopefully, you are in a career or moving towards being in a career that you love. It makes prioritizing more achievable.

My Top 5 to Prioritize

  1. Set Weekly Goals to accomplish professionally and personally. Make a list. I use presentation paper sometimes or a calendar to bloom forward.

  2. Establish the Ministry of No or Yes, But (if you want to take the more polite route). The Ministry of No empowers you to know that you can’t be everywhere and do everything. We are all waiting for our clone to come through but until then say no if it’s not aligned with your purpose.

  3. Leave Work at Work. I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again. Leave work at work. Remove the email notifications from your phone. Matter of fact, unless you are the emergency go-to-person at work, don’t even have your work email connected to your phone. It can wait and if it can’t they’ll call you personally. We have to disconnect from that.

  4. Reduce Your Social Media Time. Read a book. Be creative. Work on your personal goals. Hit the love button in person and love on your friends and family in real time.

  5. Save time this holiday season and shop small, handmade or online. It’s Black Friday. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Monday is Cyber Monday. Shop Small. Shop Handmade. Many of your favorite businesses are online and Amazon Prime delivers the same day.

I know this may all sound much easier said than done but take at least 1 tip and try it out today.

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