Balance, Love & The Misc

I recently participated in a massive advice event using a typewriter at FringeFest in Milwaukee, WI. Organized by Anja Notanja, the Advice Tent offered hundreds of people the opportunity to get advice on any topic from some of Milwaukee's finest writers. 

I learned how to type on an electronic typewriter my freshman year of high school. The keys got stuck a few times on the manual typewriter I used at the event. Corrections were almost impossible. The hardest part wasn't typing, it was dishing out advice to strangers in silence. I wanted to hug a few people. I wanted to audibly let them know life is great. 

Most people wanted to know about balance, love and the meaning of life. One woman asked if she should fall deeper in love or walk away. I replied with, "If you need to ask this question, your intuition is telling you to walk away."  Our intuition is always speaking to us but we often let the heart or mind override the spirit. Listen to that gut feeling. 

Others wanted to know how they can achieve work-life balance. My advice: Balance only exists if you are a scale and balance is not consistently achieved with that either. So what is work-life balance? For humans, it doesn't really exist. We can prioritize. We can leave work at work. We can allow home to be a creative place for family, personal goals, and rest. 

What are we really seeking? 

Change. Improvement. More Meaningful Connections. Authentic Love. 

It is all available to you within you.

Tiffany ~ The Creative Coach


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