Move in Silence

The mantra "Move In Silence" has resonated with me for the last few months which is why I really haven't blogged. I'm usually an open book and share just about everything with everyone especially good news.  Lately, when I've felt the need to post certain things publicly, I hear "Move In Silence" so I have been honoring that message.  And guess what? It's a beautiful thing. I'm sharing my good news in private with people who have the space to be genuinely happy for the journeys I am embarking on. 

What happens in silence? You create space for yourself to grow in areas known and unknown to you. You are able to think independent of other's judgment, opinions and experiences. You are able to figure it out for yourself to gain a new perspective.

My friend Yetunde, recently gave a few of her friends, including yours truly, some love via FaceBook when she said, "Shout out to all my artist and entrepreneur friends who walked out on faith and followed their dreams - quietly, and without fanfare." 

Flowers bloom in silence and when they bloom, we appreciate the beauty and growth in the process. In this moment in time, I choose to Live In Bloom in silence to manifest my goals. I'm letting all this good news marinate until it all BLOOMS.

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