Move in Silence: Part 2

So, I began Massage Therapy school August at one of the most premiere massage schools in Wisconsin. I officially enrolled on April 27, 2016 and will complete the program on April 27, 2017. Full Circle. Stay tuned for massage offerings in 2017. 

I wanted to hold on to this news but it was hard to contain. This was one of those dreams I buried away because of time, relationships, negative self-talk and fears. I really haven't blogged since I wrote "Move in Silence" in June. I have been moving out loud though, living my dreams and creating the life I want to live full-time. 

This concept of silence got me thinking about how I have selectively communicated with my friends and family in the past, especially during difficult times. I hardly shared the whole truth and nothing but the truth when life was not so good. People often suffer in silence but celebrate out loud. How quickly could we move out of suffering and move into healing if we spoke out loud in those moments? 

Redefining SILENCE!

  • Speak to gain 

  • Insight with someone you

  • Love so you can

  • Empty experiences with an Empath

  • New revelations to

  • Create a new path

  • Embark on your journey to Healing & Joy

I'm not asking you to publicly share your private, personal situations. I am asking you to speak in SILENCE to someone who truly cares about you and has sound judgment or no judgment at all. It's time to


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