Sol en Puerto Rico

Sol én Puerto Rico is healing journey through reflections, poetry, and pictures written by creative healing artist Tiffany Bloom (Miller) of Milwaukee, WI. "Puerto Rico is my creative home for healing and growth. I reclaimed so much of myself in this space while enjoying the people, the art and the ocean. It's a special part of my healing journey and peace." 


Crafting Resilient Girls Poetry Art

Summer 2016, I collaborated with Crafting Resilient Girls, Alice's Garden and the Body and Soul Healing Arts Center to explore the 2016 From Here to Her theme: Mothers of Our Nation. As the poetry lead, I wanted to focus my project on the next generation of mothers in a poetry art piece that illustrates the meaning of Crafting Resilient Girls.  At our first meeting, my young ladies created acrostic name poems and defined Crafting, Resilient and Girls. Girl Power definitely filled the spaced. At our second and third meeting, we painted the background for our art piece and represented ourselves as flowers blooming in life. The mamas created butterflies to represent change, growth and protection.  Visit for more information.

FROM HERE TO HER Artist Collective is an alliance of female artists based in Milwaukee who share a strong belief in the power of art to create social change and to transform lives – both the life of the artist and the lives of people who are touched by their work. Through public art projects, educational workshops, youth mentoring, art therapy and mutual opportunity-creation, our mission is to make our community a healthier, more equitable place for women and girls. 

Fight For a Funky Cure


We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Stay Tuned for the 2018 Fight For a Funky Cure event date. 

A collection of Milwaukee's best poets, MCs, artists and performers come together for this special one-of-a-kind event to celebrate the ones we love through music and art, with 100% of the proceeds going to Cynthia's Breast Cancer Giving Circle.

Visit Fight For A Funky Cure to learn more.